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Quote -Paul Mracek:”The secret to success is consistency of purpose, readiness for responsibility and the taking of action; knowing not thinking, doing not trying achieves dreams!”

We are committed to using the latest developments in Kotan Australia to help you overcome what is holding you back from achieving what you want, whether it is in your personal life, professionally or in your business.Kotan Australia can help you overcome your biggest challenge/s, whether they are anxiety, procrastination, phobias, fear or depression as well as coaching you to success in your personal life with helping you set SMART goals. Success is determined by how ready you are and the resources you have... >>Click Here To Read More Below...>>about Kotan Australia

Services at Kotan Australia

Kotan Australia provides a list of valuable services including
  • The Kotan Method Discover the Secrets to Elegant Solutions in Business & life. Find out what no one tells you...and change your business for ever?
  • The Secret to Life and Balance Are YOU:Feeling overwhelmed & Don't know where to start; Time Poor; Fatigued; Running out of Energy? Find out the secrets of the TEMP cycle...
  • Safe, Smart, Realistic  Self Protection Road, Work or Social Rage, Confrontation or Bullying..we all experience it..What would you do to protect your family and yourself?
  • Become a Coach in NLP Are you looking to do more and have wondered whether coaching will work for you? Do it now and become a coach, find out more about our training programs

Success is determined by how ready you are and the resources you have to fight through time constraints, productivity limits, communication bottlenecks and how well you can manage work / life balance, deal with complex information, cultivate relationships and remain steadfast to achieving real outcomes. Your confidence, resilience and ability will be tested again and again.

At Kotan Australia you can find out about how “The Kotan Method” combined with NLP coaching (neuro linguistic programming) will help you get the results you have always wanted. Join our free membership and mailing list to receive our newsletter which have free products and reports, hints and tips to help get you on the path to success. Using both “The Kotan Method” and NLP we have a number of coaching options, programs and products to suit your needs so whether it is personal development with anxiety, quitting smoking, motivation help or professional development with effective time organization, SMART goals or business coaching(small business to corporate), we have a coaching breakthrough option available for you. Follow the link to Kotan Australia , to meet our Melbourne-based Master Practitioner & Coach Paul Mracek who is available for Kotan & NLP coaching now. Currently we are running an introductory sessions with the launch of our new online coaching program called “The Business Warrior System”, so contact us now and join our free membership and mailing list and see how “The Kotan Method” and NLP coaching can help you in one or all areas of your life. Find out more about Kotan Australia with our free 30 minute introduction to Kotan Australia coaching. Our website is for your enjoyment and as a resource site, so go and explore our options, programs and products in Kotan & NLP coaching, training and personal development. Are you looking to do more and have wondered whether coaching will work for you? Become a coach and help transform the potential of others into reality. Just look around you to see who has succeed as a result of coaching, e.g. elite athletes – Olympics, Martial Arts, Golf, Tennis; politicians, business people, etc. How is life any different? If every day you are looking at improving your life but you still don't get the results that you need, a coach (personal, professional or business) to help you see the way to success by assisting you to step out of the comfort zone, so that you can get the results you want and make your dreams a reality!. Do it now and find out more about our training programs

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  • Claim Your Free Membership Here

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